Who is paying for dinner?

Unspoken Monetary Agreement to Explore Romantic Possibility aka Who Is Paying for Dinner

My boy posted this Boston Globe article about men still paying for women on dates, even in this day and age of moving towards gender equality. He noted women using men as personal ATMs when going out and dropping them if they even have to pay once. The article touches on many things and there were […]

7th Birthday Flyer Image

First Team All-Parent

What can’t help but dawn on me as I read various parenting articles is the pressure on just about all parents to be basically the LeBron James of raising a child, all day every day. After a while, the various pieces started sounding like sports articles wherein certain actions are critiqued and the author’s high […]


The Bravery of Finding The One: A Selfish Search Leads to a Selfless Life

Some people are scared of ending up alone, but it’s actually easier. Finding someone used to make sense to me. That’s just what everyone did. And it wasn’t easy. A lot of heartache and sleepless nights wondering if it’s all worth it. Is it worth it? How much are you willing to give in order […]

Amazingly, I start this video with Kobe breaking 50 with just under 2min to go in the final game of his career. This is how I watched the story unfold from my seat in the most electric atmosphere ever in Staples Center. #MambaDay was a once-in-a-lifetime event that was much more than just a game. What’s crazy and downright unbelievable is just how much he over-delivered with his final performance as a player. #MambaOut

My View of Kobe’s 60 Point Career Finale

I’ve never seen anyone else dedicate their lives to basketball, competition and greatness so wholly as Kobe Bean Bryant.

To paraphrase with artistic liberty:
An idol in my eyes
God of the game
Heart of the city
[He gave us five rings]

As the curtains come to a close on #MambaDay, and the lights dim while everyone takes one last look at the house that will now feel a little empty after two decades of Kobe Bryant, I’m reminded of when the lights shined their brightest. Everyone mentions 81 on Toronto or 62 in three quarters on Dallas, but this second half against Orlando in a random regular season game in 1999 is my favourite #Kobe game.

This is young, brash, freakishly athletic Kobe with the fro showing everyone that he had the entire repertoire. Inside, outside, footwork, fadeaway, crossover, vision, anticipation, above the rim, at the elbow, outside the arc.

It’s once in a lifetime that you see anyone with that much potential work so hard that they realize it.

Every single fiber of his being went into his twenty year career. You’ve probably never seen any player in the league play through as many injuries as he did, and we probably never will. This man tore his achilles, calmly swished two free throws and WALKED back to the locker room.

With the age I am and the game changing as it has been, Kobe is the last of my basketball heroes. It has been a privilege to watch him for twenty years and I’m beyond glad that they’ve all been in the purple and gold.

(Note: I did not create/compile the game video on this post.)

My Favorite Kobe Game

Kobe Kendrick

A Not Completely Congruous Comparison of Kendrick and Kobe

  It’s 2016, Kobe Bryant’s last season in the NBA. It’s also currently Grammy season, with Kendrick Lamar enjoying 11 nominations. Kobe is an established legend in his profession while Kendrick is just approaching his own in his craft. Though experiencing different stages of their current careers, I can’t help but draw a connection in […]